Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aren't there 195 countries? Are you going to do them all?
    Well maybe, we are certainly going to try! We aren't in any particular rush. The goal of Operation Dumpling is to experience different types of food and get out of our regular 'routine' of eating the same stuff at the same places, and try something new (instead of always ordering sweet and sour pork at the local Chinese takeout).
  • Will you only do each country once?
    No, definitely not! We plan on doing some countries several times. We also plan to do iconic or even 'vaguely' related food for certain places as well, such as New York cheesecake for New York, or Yorkshire pudding for you guessed it...Yorkshire! Sharon is particularly excited about Buffalo Wings.
  • Is it just related to food for each country?
    No. Operation Dumpling's main focus is on food, but we will also include drinks (such as cocktails) and Movies, and potentially anything else that seems appropriate and interesting or fun!
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