Operation Dumpling Begins!

Brence and Sharon embark on an epic journey. One that will lead them down dark alleyways, across unknown territory and expose them to the hidden treasures of their local town of Christchurch. Join them as they delve into the depths of their kitchen cupboards, unexplored realms of dusty cookbooks, and into new culinary territories as they progress on the journey of a lifetime: Operation Dumpling.

The idea was born over a slice at our local pizza parlour, Winnie Bagoes, when we were discussing the fact that Christchurch has such a great range of restaurants we kept meaning to try out, from Italian and French to Russian, Burmese and Moroccan. Then inspiration hit: Why not try to eat at every different type of restaurant in town? In fact, why stop there? Why not attempt to sample traditional food from EVERY country on the planet?

After talking excitedly about the many possibilities that this journey could offer, we decided it was an adventure worth doing – something that we would remember for the rest of our lives.

The first rule of any epic mission is to give it a cool name. For lack of anything better (and largely due to Sharon's slight obsession with dumplings), the mission appeared to name itself, and so Operation Dumpling was born.

Secondly, to undertake an adventure of this nature, you can't do it alone. "Luckily for me" says Brence, "...Sharon is just as crazy as me. We make a good team."

The rules were laid down, and somewhat expanded from the initial concept. The ‘journey’ is to focus on sampling food from as many different nations as possible, that can either be eaten at a restaurant or cooked at home (there aren’t any Guatemalan restaurants in Christchurch that we know of, so googling for specific recipes to concoct will become a necessary part of the mission).

But we aren’t stopping there – drinks were added as a category (mainly to pander to Sharon’s lust for Singapore Slings), and as keen international cinemaphiles we also added a movie category to the mix.

Proper preparations are an integral part of any journey. A map of the world was duly purchased, along with a myriad of coloured map pins to help track our progress. Blue for cooking at home, black for eating at restaurants, green for drinks and red for movies.

The official (analog) Operation Dumpling Map!

And so it begins!

In this blog we will share the highs and lows, the spicy and outright flavourless, the cooking masterpieces and the disasters.

Come along with us and enjoy the journey that is Operation Dumpling.

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