United States - Burger Burger Burger!

Operation Dumpling got off to flying start with a visit to the one and only fat food nation USA! Home made burgers are on the menu, and Sharon is excited.
The first pin goes in!

Sharon (an ex-Dairy Queen burger-assembler) also has her own very specific (anal) way of assembling burgers - all the ingredients have to be in precisely the right order, from top to bottom, for maximum tastiness (she claims). In case you are wondering, that order is:

Top Bun (slightly toasted)
Ketchup and mustard (Heinz/Watties and French's)
Bacon (2-3 slices, American rasher style, crispy)
Melted cheese (real please, not those phony slices)
Burger pattie (the fatter the better, homemade of course)
Sliced pickle (dill, not sweet)
Tomato (2 thick slices, slightly overlapped)
Lettuce (iceberg, crisp)
Mayonnaise (Best Foods brand)
Bottom Bun (also slightly toasted)

As you can imagine, the burgers required some squashing to get them down to an edible size, but they were delicious and well worthy of being the first stop of our journey.


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