OD goes on location to New York, New York

Brence and I had the grand pleasure of visiting New York City recently, and even though we had already 'done' the USA for Operation Dumpling, we decided to instigate a new On Location category reserved for when we eat typical food of a country while actually IN that country!

A new map pin colour (yellow) has been selected to denote Operation Dumpling missions that occur On Location in the actual country in question.

And what was the ultimate food item we ate in New York City to celebrate the first ever Operation Dumpling 'On Location' mission? Why, street vendor hot dogs, of course!

Sharon shows off the ultimate in New York street food,
while the vendor gets excited about his photo being taken

Brence digs in - it was gone in about 3 bites!

I have to say that I did expect them to be bigger. I had visions
in my head of a giant weiner dripping with sauce [make of that what you will], but alas it was not to be. They still tasted pretty good though, and there really are hot dog vendors all over the place, so as long as you've got a few dollar in your pocket you'll never go hungry.

While in the Big Apple we made short work of some other typically American food items:

Buffalo wings in a Manhattan bar (one of Sharon's favouritest foods ever!)

Nasty 'nachos' with plasticky fake cheese topping,
and cotton candy at an ice hockey game at
a New Jersey Devils ice hockey game

Bottomless filter coffee while using free wifi at
a Lower East Side cafe/bar/diner

Big, oily, cheap and delicious slice of pizza,
2am in the Lower East Side
whilst on the way home from a bar

And of course, more burgers! The 'best burger in Manhattan', according to one of the assistant District Attourneys of New York City, is from the Corner Bistro in Greenwich Village. The presentation was very simple - white bun, slice of lettuce, slice of tomato, all on a plastic plate - but the burgers were indeed fantastic. The secret? The GIANT FAT-A** burger patties are baked in a massive oven, not fried. It's interesting that in the States you can order a burger and can ask for it to be 'pink' (e.g. rare), like a steak. That's unheard of here in NZ but I gotta tell ya, it tastes pretty darn good.

A simple menu - but oh-so-tasty.
The line to get in the place went out the door,
and we were lucky to (eventually) get a table!

The secret of their success - patties are baked not fried!

Burgers, fries, ketchup and beer - God bless America.

We also had lunch at a typical 'diner' on the lower west side. Typical because it looked like a 1950s diner, and because it was run by Greeks (apparently that's the cliche?) I had a reuben sandwich - loads of pastrami on rye bread covered with saurkraut and melted cheese, with onion rings on the side. It was awesome.

Brence had a buger with onion rings, and the burger was bigger than his head - see photo below!

Not for the faint of heart!

All in all New York City was a wonderment of culinary excitement, and we didn't even scratch the surface! Next time it will be giant pretzels, peanuts at a baseball game and a Manhattan cocktail in a trendy bar. I'd better start saving my pennies...

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